About Us

Who are we?

We're currently a team of two, James Lacer and Colleen O'Dell. 


What do we do?

We imagine, design, create, and sell original and unique items from Jewelry, to functional TCG Boxes, to Decor, using a laser engraver to bring all of our designs and ideas to life.

We take the extra time and effort to make our products truly top-notch.

Where other sellers making laser engraved and cut products may use cheap plywoods for all of their products, leave burn marks from the laser's engraving and cutting, and ship you an unprotected (unsealed) product, we do not.

We use solid Cherry Wood planks (NOT plywood) for our wooden products. We hand sand every piece that we produce, removing those unsightly burn marks that some others sellers leave on because it's faster and easier. We also spray all of our wood products with a protective varnish, to keep them beautiful for that much longer.

We love bringing you interesting items that you'll be proud to show off. While we do love putting out our own designs that we've put together from our own imagination, we also greatly enjoy taking your ideas and suggestions and turning them into the perfect item tailored just for you--Yes, we do custom work for companies, small businesses, authors, artists, and kickstarters. While we're not currently taking customizations for one-off boxes, we will take suggestions that might make it into our store for you to purchase.


About the team members

Colleen O'Dell

Colleen is the team's main artist, doing most of the artistry for the products that Geek & Gaming sells. She loves putting ideas onto paper--or rather onto the computer--to turn into physical items. She tries her best to appeal to as many interests as she can, to offer a wide array of products so that everyone can find something they like. That being said, she does love putting her own flair into the products she makes. 

She enjoys experimenting with new materials and ideas, working through the kinks and getting a design perfect. As the main artist of the team, she greatly enjoys taking customer's ideas for a personalized product, and working with the customer through the entire design process to make sure it turns out perfect every time.


Where are you located?

We're currently located in Louisville Kentucky, working out of our own home in a detached workshop.


How long have you been in business?

We've been in business since September 2014


How can I get in touch with you?

We have various social media platforms listed at the top of our site and the bottom, but you can also get in touch with us through email: gg@geekandgaming.com

phone: (502)608-3583

Address: 181 Ledgewood Crt, Louisville, KY 40229











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