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All sorts of great things will get published each month including subscriber-only coupons and giveaways! We want you involved in our growth as a business, and that means keeping you in-the-loop about what's going on--plus, who doesn't like the added bonus of the occasional freebie?

What can you expect in our letters?

Occasionally we'll include exclusive coupon codes for our subscribers for heavy discounts that will last for just a couple of days.

Giveaways! We'll have the occasional giveaway for subscribers only, as well as the schedule for any planned giveaways on social media. Even better? The more subscribers we have, the better our giveaways will be, so get your friends to join as well!

A monthly summary of new products that were released the previous month, along with any planned releases for the current month.

Each letter will have included a new product that is launched that day, along with a special coupon for that new item. Only subscribers get this coupon on the new items!

A summary of planned sales events for the current month.

Every once in a while we'll have a limited quantity item that will become available the day the letter goes out. Being subbed to us gives you first access to these types of items!


What we will not do:

We will never spam you. We don't like getting hordes of email from a company either, so we know how to respect your already-overwhelming inbox. The only time we'll email you is once a month for the monthly letter. (This doesn't include transaction related emails when you begin dealing directly with us regarding a purchase, inquiry, or anything of the like.)

We will never give or sell out your email or personal information. We feel it's a violation of trust to do such a thing, and have ourselves felt affronted when other companies have done it to us.





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