Reward Points

We want to reward our customers for their purchases and contribution to our store, so we have Reward Points available to all of our customers who use our site.

What are reward points?
Reward Points are part of our Reward Program that gives our customers the chance to pay with Points rather than Money from their pockets.

What if I don't want to use reward points?
No problem! Our products are not more expensive because of the points, so you're not out of any money by not wanting to use reward points. They're purely a bonus for buying from us and using our services. You'll still accrue reward points when you make purchases, but you're not obligated to spend them.

How do I get reward points?
When you make purchases with an account on our website, you'll be rewarded points for that purchase! Nearly all of our products can be bought for Reward Points.

Various participation through social media and our newsletter will reward points to our customers for likes/shares/participation, so keep in touch and follow us on social media! (Links at the top and bottom of the page to our social media pages)

Reviews! If you review a product that you've purchased through our website, you'll earn 200 Points.

I've bought from you in the past on Etsy or Amazon (This includes our Etsy pages other than Lacer's Edge, such as Star Glade Crafts). Can I get points from those purchases?
If you've bought from us on Etsy or Amazon you most certainly can make an account on our website and message us about earning points from a previous purchase. When you message us, we'll need you to provide the email you used for that purchase as well as an invoice number.

How can I get a hold of you to message you about earning points from my previous purchase?
We have a live-chat available for you to use down at the bottom right of our website, or you can email us at


Will the Point cost of items ever go down?
Yes! We absolutely have Point Sales events that will create huge discounts on items when users buy them with their points. This could mean a $10 item going for $1 in points!








Earning and redeeming Reward Points

$ 1
Earns you
$ 1
Redeems to

Ways you can earn

  • Product Purchase

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