Sci-Fi Faux-Tech Magic the Gathering TCG Deck Box

$ 36.95

A box designed with Sci-fi/Faux-tech elements, this Deck Box is a great design for any Trading Card Game (TCG) like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Pokemon, or for any Tabletop game. It can even be used to store your dice for lifecounters, D&D, or other boardgames, tokens, or as just a neat little keepsake box.

This durable handmade wood box comes in different sizes to fit your tabletop gaming needs. Each box you order may be customized with whatever text you'd like on the lid, at no charge. Maybe you'd like your own name on it, or the name of the game the box is intended for? Or if you're using it for an MTG deck, perhaps the name of your deck?

*These boxes do NOT come with cards. Any cards pictured are just props.

What do the size numbers mean when I'm trying to select my box?
By default this deck comes with different size options available at purchase. The sizes are based on how many Sleeved Magic the Gathering cards can fit in it.

65 sleeved MTG cards fit in the "65 Size"

75 sleeved MTG cards fit in the "75 Size"

85 sleeved MTG cards fit in the "85 Size", etc.

If you have cards that are not the same size as Magic the Gathering cards, you may need to measure them and check our box sizes to make sure they'll fit.

Click here to see a more detailed look at our sizes, including how many unsleeved cards and double sleeved cards will fit into each size, as well as the dimensions of each size.

Important Customization

Every Steampunk Deck box order comes with free lid text customization. Choose any text you want! Just leave a message with the text you'd like, when you're making your purchase or send us a message after your purchase (You'll need to let us know your purchase information so we can make sure that your custom text gets paired up with your order). If you don't message us or leave a note with your purchase, we'll leave the lid blank.


Further Customization
Short answer: Yes, we can customize just about anything!

You can view our more in-depth answers about customization on our FAQ page on Customization, here.


Variances, Aging, and Durability of our boxes

Please check out our FAQ on Variances, Aging, and Durability here.


How It's Made
If you're interested in learning more about the process involved in making our boxes, you can read all about it here.




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